You can take language courses on campus, study in China for a semester or year, work as a language counselor at Concordia Language Villages, and participate in an internship using your Chinese language skills.

Programs of Study

Whether you want to concentrate on the Chinese language exclusively or pair it with another major — such as Global Studies or International Business — you’ll be able to tailor your studies to your needs.

Major in Chinese Language and Cultures

We’ll help you find an internship in China or an independent study project that combines your research interests. Mentoring along the way will ensure you make the most of your Chinese studies at Concordia.

Major in Chinese Education

This major will prepare you to teach Chinese to students in grades K-12.

Major in Elementary Education with an add-on endorsement in World Languages

Optional endorsement for elementary education majors.

Minor in Chinese

Studying Chinese will prepare you to be able to communicate through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Consider pairing a minor in Chinese with a major in international business.

Undergraduate Academic Certificate in Chinese for the Workplace

This new certificate will enable you to communicate effectively in diverse international settings, enhancing your career prospects.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Special Opportunities

Semester in China

Spend a semester at a university in China. You’ll take courses, travel, and meet new friends while using your Chinese in a very real setting — every day.

It’s just one of many life-changing experiences you can have through Concordia’s Mandarin Chinese program. We currently offer study abroad programs at two Chinese universities — United International College in Zhuhai and Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing. While you’re in China, we can also help you find an internship — a chance to make some valuable connections in your field that could lead to future job possibilities.

Semester in Thailand

We also offer a Chinese program through University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even though it's not in China, this program offers dedicated Chinese language courses, presenting you with an alternative option for language immersion, and a chance to explore more cultures.

Concordia Language Villages

You can also work as a language counselor at Chinese Language Village in Minnesota lakes country. Help young people learn the language and experience the culture through summer immersion programs. At Sēn Lín Hú, you’ll use your Chinese from the moment you wake up each morning until you go to sleep at night.


Business, finance, healthcare, education, media, computer science, and mathematics are just a handful of fields benefiting from the study of Mandarin.

Graduates of the Chinese program will walk away with strong Chinese language skills developed through rigorous courses and multiple opportunities for hands-on learning at Concordia Language Villages, rich study abroad experiences, or even internships.

Jenna Otto '16

The three years I was in Zhuhai deeply impacted my life. I made friends from China and around the world. I learned the Chinese instrument guqin, which led me to wonderful teachers, places, and friends. My teaching assistant internship challenged me beyond my limits, teaching me about educational management and the importance of efficiency. I never thought diving into Chinese learning would take me so far past the language requirements, but here I am with new skills and friends from everywhere.

Fulbright Scholar

Alex Rankin ’19 was Concordia’s first student to graduate with a double major in Chinese and Education. Following graduation, she was an English Teaching Assistant in Taiwan through the Fulbright Scholarship Program.



World Languages and Cultures

Academy 120

Dr. Gay Rawson

Chair, World Languages and Cultures; Professor of French French, World Languages and Cultures, Women's and Gender Studies