Why Study a Language at Concordia?

Language is a bridge between people and cultures. Knowing a language opens up new career and internship opportunities worldwide. And at Concordia, there are even more reasons to study a world language.

Language Placement Inventory

If you studied French, German or Spanish during high school and will be studying the same language at Concordia, this inventory must be taken before you register for courses.

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More in Four

Our programs are dedicated to engaging students in the classroom and providing opportunities to apply what you have learned in the real world as well, both at home and abroad. And with Concordia, your journey doesn't end after four years.

Learning German by Singing

With the help of a tuneful teacher, a group of dedicated Concordia College students learning German have found a fun new way to hone their skills through song — Der Concordia Deutschchor.

6 Students' Trip to Cuba

Six Spanish majors and minors went on a trip led by Dr. Fanny Roncal Ramirez, associate professor of Spanish. The group traveled to Havana, Cuba, for a PEAK experience like no other in Fall 2023.

Faculty Activity

Building Opportunities Through Multilingualism

As part of her many efforts to promote multilingualism, Dr. Gay Rawson, professor of French and chair of world languages and cultures, met with several lawmakers to help shine a spotlight on the need for more support of language education across the United States. These meetings were part of Language Advocacy Days 2023, hosted by the Joint National Committee for Languages and the National Council for Languages and International Studies.

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Pre-Med Preparation Abroad

With the goal of becoming a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, Kylie Brenny ’25 spent two months shadowing doctors with multiple specialties in Italy and Spain.

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Teaching in Taiwan

Fulbright Scholar Alex Rankin ’19 was Concordia’s first student to graduate with a double major in Chinese and education, a program the college recently started offering.

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World Languages and Cultures


Dr. Gay Rawson

Chair, World Languages and Cultures; Professor of French French, World Languages and Cultures, Women's and Gender Studies