Emma Redlin '23 on Diverse Learning Experiences

I have appreciated the variety of creative courses that I was able to take that not only taught me Spanish, but were connected to topics I was interested in. For example, I was able to analyze videos in my Conversation and Film in the Hispanic World class and even analyze poetry in my Spanish Literature class.

The Spanish program prepares students for participation in a global society through courses designed to expand their knowledge and understanding of the language, cultures perceptions of the Spanish-speaking world.

Programs of Study

Major or Minor in Spanish

Spanish courses are designed to expand your knowledge of the language, cultures, and perceptions of the Spanish-speaking world. 32 credit hours above SPAN 211 are required for a major. 20 credit hours above SPAN 211 are required for the minor.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Major in International Business with a Major or Minor in Spanish

Consider pairing a Spanish major or minor with a major in International Business.

Major in Spanish Education

This major will prepare you to teach Spanish to students in grades K-12.

Major in Elementary Education with an add-on endorsement in World Languages

Optional endorsement for elementary education majors.

Add-On Endorsement License

Undergraduate Academic Certificate in Spanish for the Workplace

This new certificate will enable you to communicate effectively in diverse international settings, enhancing your career prospects.

Special Opportunities

Concordia's Spanish program has many opportunities to practice the language. Most majors spend a semester abroad and many students in the department visit Spanish-speaking countries for shorter experiences. You can work at Concordia Language Villages, an immersion program for children and adults who want to learn other languages. Students can also practice their language skills at our weekly Spanish coffee hour, get involved with El Circulo Hispano, or attend Latinx Organization for Achievement (LOA) events.


Spanish students benefit from courses that are designed to expand their knowledge and understanding of the language, cultures, and perceptions of the Spanish-speaking world. Our students are all over the map enjoying various careers within:

  • Tourism
  • Journalism
  • Education
  • Business
  • Diplomacy
  • Medicine
  • Law

Claire Bruland '23 on Majoring in Spanish

The faculty have been so incredibly kind, helpful, and compassionate. The language faculty are the reason that I continued with my Spanish major and even took a French class in my time here. I will miss them dearly.

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