You can spend a semester in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, or Puerto Rico either studying at a university, interning at a Spanish-speaking organization or taking part in our international business program.

Study Away Programs for Spanish Students

Centro de Estudios Hispánicos de Segovia, Spain

Immerse yourself in the language, culture and lifestyle of Segovia, Spain.

Universidad de Alicante, Spain (SSA)

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA) offers a Spanish Mediterranean immersion experience in Alicante. It is a friendly and welcoming city with many opportunities to meet Spanish students and enjoy the local culture.

Universidad de Sevilla, Spain (SSA)

With a strict policy of "Sólo en español," Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA) offers a rich traditional Spanish Immersion experience in Seville.

International Center for Development Studies Costa Rica (ICDS)

Discover an exciting and rewarding experience in Costa Rica. Gain insight into Central America, a region that faces major challenges for sustainable human development, democracy, and human rights.

Universidad de las Américas, Mexico City, Mexico, International Business

If you have proficient language skills in Spanish and an interest in international business, this is the perfect program for you.

Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina (SSA)

Spanish Studies Abroad (SSA) students in Córdoba study on-site at Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (UNC) and benefit from guided direct enrollment.


Global Learning

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