Thirty-three countries have French as an official language. Concordia's French students can travel with expert faculty to some of these countries through the college’s study away programs. You'll also have the opportunity to live the language right on Concordia's campus by being a part of the French Honor Society or French Club, tutoring children in French, or meeting for informal French chats at our French Café.

Programs of Study

Whether you are planning to use your French for international business and travel, teaching, or even translating, Concordia’s French department has a program for you.

Major or Minor in French

Studying French will prepare you to be able to communicate through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Consider pairing a major or minor in French with a major in international business.

Major in French Education

This major will prepare you to teach French to students in grades K-12.

Major in Elementary Education with an add-on endorsement in World Languages 

Optional endorsement for elementary education majors.

Undergraduate Academic Certificate in French for the Workplace

This new certificate will enable you to communicate effectively in diverse international settings, enhancing your career prospects.

Special Opportunities

From French Club to teaching preschoolers to summer camp, there are many engaging opportunities to practice your language skills outside of the classroom.

Degree Requirements and Courses

Teaching French to 4-Year-Olds

Read more about Macy Westerberg's experience teaching French to preschoolers.


Your French major or minor could take you anywhere in the world. Recent grads are teachers, interpreters, translators, volunteers in the Peace Corps, working for the State Department, running successful businesses (or working their way up the corporate ladder), photographers, writers, film directors, flight attendants, graphic designers, social media coordinators, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, and more.

French can stand alone as a major or combine with any other major on campus.

"Studying French at Concordia got me involved with Concordia Language Villages while I was a student. I am so grateful for the experience and relationships I made while working at the Villages. It helped me succeed in my postgraduate studies."
Anna Dovre '17

Hometown: Howard Lake, Minn.

Majors: Elementary Education and French

After graduation: Student teaching in St. Cloud, Minn.

"My favorite memories are being able to work with young students and seeing their 'light bulb' moments when they figure something out. I also loved studying abroad in France in fall 2017, where I made countless memories that I will love forever – my favorite being the time I went to the Chateau de Chinon."

Hometown: Laurel, Md.

Major: French and Global Studies

After graduation: Pursuing a Master of Arts in international affairs at the American University of Paris

"Concordia’s incredible study abroad opportunities were definitely one of my favorite parts of my Concordia experience. Concordia fosters the values of global citizenship and encourages students to be engaged in the world. My year away in Washington, D.C., and then in Tours, France, prepared me for international work after graduation. I was able to get professional work opportunities as well as French experience in one of the most diverse and politically active cities in the world – Washington, D.C. In France, I took translation and international relations classes – all in French. I loved being able to travel and live in the French language."

Hometown: Willmar, Minn.

Majors: French and International Business

After graduation: Pursuing a Master of Science in global policy studies with a concentration in international trade at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Policy at the University of Texas, Austin

“Before coming to Concordia College, I never thought studying abroad was possible considering how involved I was with academics and extracurricular activities. Concordia not only encouraged me to explore more opportunities but helped in my preparation and transition in the departure and return process. Going to France allowed me to grow as a person and student. Taking the opportunity is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Hometown: Backus, Minn.

Majors: French and Chinese

After graduation: Peace Corps volunteer placed in Vanuatu. Currently a strategic partnerships manager at ALTIDO in Bulgaria.

"As a Peace Corps volunteer in a Francophone country, I was able to apply my French skills on a daily basis, so the language and cultural knowledge was invaluable. I am glad Concordia gave me the opportunities to study abroad and study language to better my future career."

Hometown: Moorhead

Major: French

"I see speaking French as something that increases the number of people I could connect with. I can work with people in twice as many countries now."

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Dr. Gay Rawson

Chair, World Languages and Cultures; Professor of French French, World Languages and Cultures, Women's and Gender Studies