Le Club Français

If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of the Francophone culture and meeting other people passionate about sharing the language and the food, you should be a part of the French Club.

At least one event is planned every month, such as a movie night or cooking crepes together. Special events include an annual “quiche off,” singing French Christmas carols, and going to St. Boniface and Winnipeg, Manitoba, for the Festival du Voyageur (held in February).

We also have a Coffee Hour (L’heure du café) every Friday during Community Time (9:20-10:20 a.m.). Spend some quality time with other students and faculty Friday mornings where student leaders create a French café complete with coffee, tea, fresh-baked bread, Nutella, conversation, and for special events, croissants, and pastries.

La Résidence Française

Live in a French-speaking environment every day! The French apartments are located on the third floor of Bogstad Manor. La Résidence is open to juniors and seniors and may include sophomores as space permits. Residents of la Résidence get together for French and Francophone meals and activities. They have a goal to, as much as is possible, maintain French as the spoken language in common areas.

Concordia Language Villages – Lac du Bois

Immersing yourself in the French culture doesn’t only happen overseas. Spend a summer or academic year weekends working as a language counselor at Lac du Bois, the French Language Village.

At Lac du Bois, you’ll fine tune your own speaking skills as you share the French culture with young people through music, activities, dance, and amazing cuisine. There are immersion programs for elementary and high school students at this site near Bemidji, Minn. Concordia students can practice their French language skills as they serve as counselors for these weekend programs throughout the academic year.

Pi Delta Phi

Become a part of the National French Honor Society here at Concordia. This society recognizes the achievements of outstanding students in promoting the French language and culture of the French-speaking world. An invitation for membership is extended to students with a 3.0 overall GPA and 3.2 in French courses. The initiation ceremony is held in conjunction with the Celebration of Student Scholarship event each spring.

After-School French Classes for Elementary and Pre-School Children

Put your French language knowledge to use and teach young children in after-school programs.

The department is available to provide language instruction when requested by local school organizations. Each school organization is independently structured, and the contact person for the French department is the coordinator for the elementary French language instruction. Usually, Concordia College French students teach these classes and are paid by the school organization to introduce French to young students. Education students should especially consider this!