We teach you more than language – we prepare you to communicate and interact in a culturally competent manner.

Learn from a diverse curriculum and people.

Our faculty, students, courses, and activities represent the French-speaking world.  Additionally, ur global programs model interdisciplinary studies as we have regularly paired with Education, Gender and Women’s Studies, Nursing, History, International Business, Interfaith Studies, Film, Inquiry Seminars, Music, Development Studies, and Global Studies.

Enjoy a warm, enthusiastic and supportive “family” environment on campus.

Join our French Club or National French Honor Society. Live on campus in the French House. Work at Lac du Bois, the French Language Village. Your classmates become more than people you see in class. Stop by for one of our weekly coffee hours and you’ll see!

Share your passion for French-speaking cultures in the community and across the globe. 

Create materials for new Americans.  Mentor high school students.  Present at Pangea and the Celtic Festival.  Translate books for Haiti.  Skype with students in Africa and Vietnam.  Study abroad or work in places like Canada, Cameroon, France, Martinique, and Vietnam. We have study abroad programs ranging from a two-week Exploration seminar, to a month, the entire summer, a semester or a year.

Combine French with another discipline.

Many students major in French and another subject to open up more career possibilities.Some of our French program graduates are now doctors, lawyers, teachers, scientists, business owners, photographers, journalists, bankers, museum curators, professional translators / interpreters, anthropologists, marketing specialists, managers, psychologists, graphic designers, writers, aspiring diplomats, and more.Others work in the private sector, for government agencies, and not-for-profit organizations such as the Peace Corps.Yet others are still in graduate school studying all of the disciplines previously mentioned.Many are passionate about social and environmental justice and use their skills in French to make a difference in the world.


Our students are competitive and regularly receive prestigious Concordia, national, and international scholarships, including Concordia’s David R. Green Scholarship to study abroad, the American Association of Teachers of French Walter Jensen scholarship, the Gilman scholarship, and positions with the French government assistantship program.  The French government assistantship program is a program funded by the French government in which native English speakers from across the globe apply to work in French K-12 schools for a year.  They are paid for their services.  It is highly competitive and Concordia has had at least one student accepted every year for over 15 years!