Concordia College is a proud participant in the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship program. Applications for the 2024-25 school year are now closed. Applications for the 2025-26 school year will open this fall.

Concordia will offer two annual, renewable scholarships that cover a minimum of 50 percent of tuition to selected international undergraduate students dedicated to advancing intercultural learning and understanding at Concordia.


Who can apply for the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship?

First-year international students who have applied to Concordia can apply for the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship. All academic majors and fields of study are welcome to apply.

How much tuition does it cover?

A #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship covers a minimum of 50 percent tuition and can be renewed on an annual basis. Students and their family or financial sponsor must be able to pay at least $26,000 USD (or more) per year from their own resources or other outside sources to supplement this scholarship. It is not a full tuition award.

How do I know if I’m eligible for this scholarship?

There are a few eligibility requirements:

  • You are a first-year international applicant to a participating college or university. An international applicant is an individual who holds citizenship in a country outside the United States and who does not also possess U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
  • You demonstrate interest and personal initiative in activities involving intercultural learning and exchange.
  • You have completed the scholarship application and participated in a Concordia Scholarship Interview in which you tell us about your leadership skills in your school or community, and how you plan to continue applying your leadership skills at Concordia.

How can I apply for this scholarship at Concordia?

Required steps to apply for the #YouAreWelcomeHere scholarship include:

1) Apply for admission to Concordia College and upload all required application materials to your portal.

2) Send an email to, indicating you are interested in the scholarship and including #YAWH in the subject line of your email.

3) Complete the #YAWH interest form (available once applications open again).

4) Following admission and demonstration of your ability to pay at least $26,000 USD (or more), participate in a Concordia Scholarship Interview describing your aspirations to conduct projects, research, employment, or other experiences that will advance intercultural learning.  The dates for scholarship interviews will also be announced once the new interest form is posted.  

When does the application open?

Applications for the 2024-25 academic year are now closed. Applications for the 2025-26 academic year will open this fall.