All international students at Concordia are required to enroll in the health insurance plan through the college's provider, EIIA. Policy information is available by contacting Ms. Karleen Mjolsness at Health insurance costs will be billed to your student account each semester.

The Health Services Office promotes the health and well-being of students by assisting them in making choices regarding their physical and mental health. While clinic services are not available on campus, the Health Services coordinator consults with, and provides assistance to, students who need to establish care off campus, and connects them to other community resources. Our Health Services coordinator will reach out to you during your first month at Concordia to discuss any health concerns you may have, as well as address any questions you have regarding navigating the healthcare system in your new community.

For any medical appointments, you, the patient, pay the insurance premium for the health insurance, and the health insurance pays some of the costs of your care. Health insurance will not pay all of the costs of your care.

Calling 911 in the USA about a medical issue most likely means an ambulance will be sent to take you to an Emergency Room, meaning there will be a bill for the ambulance service (of around $800 if you are on campus) and for the Emergency Room visit (amount could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars). When you need less urgent medical care, options to consider are going to a Walk-In Clinic, phoning the Ask A Nurse hotline, or scheduling an appointment for the next day.

If you have supplemental health insurance from your home country, you should present this insurance information to the medical service provider and the provider will bill the insurance company directly; you then pay the difference. If your insurance has no U.S. claims office, you must pay the medical service provider in full yourself and then seek reimbursement from your insurance company. Health insurance companies commonly negotiate discounts with medical service providers, so if your claims office is outside the U.S. you likely will have to pay higher costs for medical services.