Helping Harvest Crop for Food Donation

Concordia students help a local CSA with a project that brought thousands of pounds of squash to a food bank and homeless shelter.

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Wisconsin Orchestra Premieres Senior’s Commissioned Piece

Seeking a critique of his work results in a request for a commissioned piece.

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First Look Inside School of Health Professions’ Heimarck Center

Campus leaders get their first tour of the construction of Heimarck Center.

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Indigenous Health Expert Shares Insight on Campus

Dr. Naomi Bender presented “Culture as Medicine: Reimagining Health Education to Address and Impact Health Inequity in Our Communities.”

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New Transfer Admission Guarantee for Community College Graduates

College leaders have been working with the Minnesota Private College Council to make it easier for community college students who want to come to Concordia.

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Growing Community in the Greenhouse

Ian Scheele '23 rebuilds and revitalizes the indoor greenhouse on campus.

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IN THE NEWS: Concordia Grad Publishes Book on Science of Human Waste

Bryn Nelson, Ph.D., is a science journalist and microbiologist who has published “Flush: The Remarkable Science of an Unlikely Treasure.” It’s, well, it’s about the science of poop and the incredible information we can learn, not just about our own bodies but the world around us.

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Kim Kappes

Administrative and Communications Assistant