Sofia Perez headshot

Sofia Perez ’22, Moorhead
Majors/Minor: Communication Studies, French; English Writing

Tell us about yourself.

I am majoring in multimedia journalism with a possible minor in French. My family lives in Moorhead, but I was born and grew up in Guatemala. I moved to the U.S. three years ago. For fun, I like to draw, play the ukulele, and love traveling! Downtown Fargo is my favorite spot and I love going to Atomic Coffee, Teaberry, and Unglued. My favorite part about Concordia is the community of awesome people who make me feel so welcome.

What has surprised you most about the Concordia experience?

There are many different clubs and organizations that a student can be a part of. It surprised me how engaged students at Concordia are and I love that I can also be part of that.

What opportunities has being a Community Achievement Scholar afforded you so far this year?

As a Community Achievement Scholar, coming to college is a huge opportunity. Also being able to live in the dorms is an incredible opportunity because it gives me the college experience I didn’t think I would have. I have been able to go on trips like the Circle Keepers training, which was a great experience, and it’s all thanks to the scholarship that allows me to come to Concordia.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying for the Community Achievement Scholarship?

Definitely do it! There’s nothing to stop you from applying to such an amazing opportunity that it is coming to Concordia. It takes hard work but is absolutely worth the investment of time and energy.

What excites you most about being a Cobber?

The community I get to be a part of and the people I get to know at Concordia. It excites me to be able to connect with other people and get to know them better on trips or by being part of a club. I appreciate the emphasis that the college puts on volunteering and the idea of Cobbers helping the community. I have learned so much from my volunteer experiences and I like that it’s so easy for me to get plugged into volunteer opportunities here at Concordia.

Community Achievement Scholarship

Published February 2019