Utsah Shrestha ’19, Kathmandu, Nepal
Majors: Business and Computer Science

Tell us about your journey to Concordia.

As the internet has brought the world together, it also brought me to the world of Concordia College. My time in Moorhead happened due to a mere internet search. When applying to the United States, I applied to 20 other colleges along with Concordia. However, what set Concordia apart from the other schools and ultimately helped me decide was the welcoming feeling it gave me even in the initial stages of my application process. The admission team was always a step ahead in answering any questions that I had and helping me transition into not only a new college but also into a new country and culture. The liberal arts education along with the small classes were two additional characteristics that attracted me to Concordia.

What do you remember most about your experience at Concordia?

I will always remember the Concordia faculty and staff who were so welcoming and willing to help. Additionally, I was always amazed at the large quantity and variety of extracurriculars and clubs that I could get involved in — not only were there things that I was interested in, but also activities that I had never even heard of and was curious to learn more about.

What is your current job and how did you acquire this position?

I am the marketing and web associate for TechTrend Inc. in Virginia. I interned with the company my final semester of college and was offered to join the company full time following graduation.

How did your student experiences prepare you for what you are doing today?

I came to Concordia not certain what I wanted to study, so I jumped between deciding on different majors. I tried a variety of classes for each field that I was considering and finally decided on my double major in business and computer science, which fit perfectly with my schedule and interests. The experiences I gathered in preparing myself for these majors stretched far beyond classroom lectures. It extended to team activities, field experiences, networking, Tri-College and study abroad opportunities – all of which I have been able to use in my post-undergrad life.

What do you find fulfilling about what you are currently doing?

My work gives me ample opportunities to be creative, plan, design, and learn. I’m thankful that I was able to find a company with a great culture that also has a diverse and welcoming work environment.

How does your position connect with what you learned at Concordia?

Having graduated with a double major in business and computer science, my current work connects with both sides of my major — marketing and web design. 

What would you tell young individuals who wish to enter your field to help prepare them for what’s to come?

Be open to new experiences and take advantage of all the opportunities that you can get!