Eligible day care providers can participate in CACFP. For-profit centers must receive Title XX funds for at least 25 percent of enrolled children or licensed capacity (whichever is less) or at least 25 percent of the children in care must be eligible for free and reduced price meals. Meals served to children are reimbursed at rates based upon a child’s eligibility for free, reduced price or paid meals.

Convenience foods such as pizza, chicken nuggets, corn dogs and fish sticks require Child Nutrition labeling or other assurance form the manufacturer. Any foods that are choking hazards for infants, toddlers or preschoolers will be exchanged with an age appropriate substitute. Children receive portions according to USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program requirements.

To ensure accuracy, meal sheets are sent with every meal to indicate the food item and serving sizes. Child nutrition labels are readily available upon request.