Using data from 2015-2020, the Tunnel of Oppression this year calls attention to the unarmed black and brown lives lost to police violence. The tunnel will feature the lives lost, highlighting information about each life lost, as a way to emphasize the impact of police violence and to commemorate the individuals. 

The purpose of the Tunnel of Oppression is not to insinuate that all police are bad or that this issue only affects a particular race but to recognize a systemic issue in U.S. law enforcement agencies that disproportionately affects black and brown lives.

The presented information is REAL; thus, it is powerful and will evoke a range of intense emotions. We ask that audience members are conscientious and please take care of themselves.

Note: There is no central or federal database that records and tracks this issue. Hence, the data that has been gathered by the MLK Planning Committee is limited. The following research has been conducted to the best of the Planning Committee’s ability.

*In an effort to mitigate COVID-19 the college is limiting campus guests. This year’s Tunnel of Oppression will be for students, faculty and staff, with the hopes of welcoming the public in future years.