Established in 2015, Bee Campus USA is a program that promotes education and awareness of pollinators on college campuses across the United States. This is accomplished through a set of requirements established by the program to ensure its members are successfully supporting pollinators.

As of March 2020, Concordia College has become an official Bee Campus USA member. For this, the college has established a Pollinator Habitat Management plan, Integrated Pest Management plan, annual pollinator-focused events and courses, and a Bee Campus USA Committee.

Pollinator Habitat

Concordia wishes to create a more welcoming environment for pollinators on campus. In doing so, we have created several locations where native landscaping and pollinator habitat may be found. Around several of these places, signage is posted explaining pollinator habitat and its importance to our environment. These pollinator-friendly areas include:

  • Pollinator Garden
  • Integrated Science Center Native Plantings
  • Miniature Prairie
  • Living Classroom
  • Knutson Campus Center Native Plantings
  • Bee Boxes

Bee Campus USA Committee

Concordia's Bee Campus USA Committee is composed of staff, faculty, and students. The committee will meet quarterly, led by committee chair Jackie Maahs and committee vice chair Dr. Bryan Bishop. The group will annually monitor the college's progress in maintaining its affiliate standing. This will be completed through sponsorship of annual Bee Campus events and service-learning projects, continued pollinator habitat improvements, and maintaining educational opportunities for students regarding the importance of pollinators.

Each year, the committee will be tasked with documenting the year's progress and submitting an annual report to Bee Campus USA to renew membership.

Service-Learning Projects

The Concordia College Bee Campus USA Committee is responsible for annually sponsoring and tracking student service-learning projects, which work to enhance pollinator habitat on and off the college campus. These projects may or may not be a part of an official course. For more information or if interested, please contact Jackie Maahs, the Bee Campus USA Committee chair.

Integrative Pest Management Plan

To limit the amount of pesticides used on campus, Concordia has developed an Integrated Pest Management plan. The goal of this document is to find alternative methods in the prevention and elimination of pests so that pollinators remain unaffected.

Bee Campus USA Committee