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Three Schools, One College

"Transformational learning at Concordia goes beyond acquiring knowledge to thinking critically about what you're learning and how you can influence the world and deal with unscripted problems."
Dr. Susan Larson, Provost and Dean of the College

From BREW to Inquiry Seminars to Hands for Change, Concordia students are finding ways to become responsibly engaged in the world.

PEAK Experience

All Concordia graduates will have at least two PEAK experiences in their portfolio. Your PEAK might be a special course, an internship, a study away opportunity, or a service project.

Transformational Learning

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Integrating Science and Art

Neuroscience and art double major Ian Scheele finds harmony in his scientific and artistic passions.

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5 Min Read

Living Her Dream

As president of the Black Student Union, Kumba Glay ’24 appreciates that Concordia gives BIPOC student leaders a platform to voice their opinions on important actions.

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