We learn, we lead, for the sake of the world.

President William CraftGreetings Friends,

I am delighted to share our new strategic plan, Concordia Leads: The Plan for 2030. Inspired by the mission developed in 1961 by Dr. Carl Bailey, the Plan commits to a bold vision: We learn, we lead, for the sake of the world. Rooted in the freedom of God’s love and grace, we will educate resourceful 21st century learners to become accomplished professionals, courageous citizens, and transformational leaders who build a world more joyful and more just.

Enriched by input from over 550 stakeholders, including students, alumni, faculty, staff, and Regents, the plan is centered around four goals that will guide and inspire our actions. The four goals, transformational education, excellence through diversity, wholeness and health of the community, and financial foundation, will enable us to innovate and flourish for our current and future students and for the public good.

On behalf of our plan co-chairs, Mark Jensen and Laura Probst, plan steering committee members, and the Concordia College community, I invite you to learn more about Concordia Leads: The Plan for 2030.

William Craft, President


Our Goals

Transformational Learning

Concordia will offer a transformative education that shapes 21st-century learners ready to address complex challenges in their professional, public, and personal lives with agility, imagination, and moral insight.

Excellence Through Diversity

Concordia will affirm a diversity of identities, experiences, and perspectives as a condition of institutional excellence, leading all who study and work here to honor difference with respectful understanding and to practice courageous citizenship for the common good.

Wholeness and Health of the Community

Concordia will cultivate the growth and well-being of students, faculty, and staff; demonstrate resilience in response to change; and practice transformational leadership to work collectively for the greater good of neighbors and the planet.

Financial Foundation

Concordia will pursue entrepreneurial strategies to raise revenue, attract investment, streamline operations, and raise both institutional visibility and enrollment market share. This endeavor will engage the entire college community in creating, through its choices and actions, a Concordia that learns and leads for the sake of the world.