Recognizing that a transformative education calls us to learn across difference, Concordia will affirm a diversity of identities, experiences, and perspectives as a condition of institutional excellence, leading all who study and work here to honor difference with respectful understanding and to practice courageous citizenship for the common good. To realize this goal, Concordia will:

Become a diverse and inclusive college community in which every member feels a sense of belonging.

  • Implement training programs and initiatives to increase intercultural understanding and communication among college faculty, staff, and students.
  • Recruit, support, and graduate a diverse student body that celebrates interdependence, joins in dialogue, and is supported in a culture that adapts to its students.
  • Recruit and support a diverse faculty and staff who model the experiences, curiosity, and commitment that the faculty and staff seek to instill in our students.

Learn through discovery of difference and lift up a common humanity.

  • Incorporate diversity of identities, experiences, and perspectives into a new common curriculum.
  • Deepen relationships that arise from a multi-faith community committed to the practice and study of religion, meaning, values, and faith.
  • Broaden campus arts offerings to reflect the growing diversity of the campus community and create more inclusive cultural expressions.

Create an educational endeavor, shared between Concordia Language Villages and Concordia College, worthy of national attention, that builds public support for global understanding and language and cultural study.

  • Establish a task force from those engaged in global, language, and cultural education at Concordia, to identify the intersections of expertise at Concordia and opportunities to exercise thought leadership in civil dialogue and shared problem-solving.
  • Identify programming that is distinctly defined with respect to participants, supporters, and scope of operations.
  • Secure sponsorship both for the budget and for the national visibility of this programming.

The Path Forward

These are the central goals supporting Concordia's strategic plan.