Interdisciplinary Learning

Actively participate with students across health professions majors in case study assignments to reflect on real-world problems from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Gain real-world experience in numerous healthcare facilities that serve the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area. All nursing students complete 800 hours of clinical experience across the curriculum. Students may also participate in internships and clinical opportunities locally, across the country, or overseas.

Be a Global Citizen 

Participate in global service learning opportunities and work alongside teachers and healthcare providers through semester or month-long experiences. The nursing program has offered learning opportunities abroad in Europe, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia.

Vocation Retreat

Following the first semester of the major, nursing students and faculty attend a two-day retreat that focuses on team building, clinical preparation, caring, and professional role development. The retreat provides opportunities for students to explore their vocation.

Concordia Language Villages Connections

Many nursing majors take advantage of the college’s connection with Concordia Language Villages, which offers language immersion programs for children and adults. The camp environment provides opportunities for paid summer internships and research.


Our students also develop an understanding of research as an important part of evidence-based practice in the profession. There are opportunities for students to engage in collaborative research projects with healthcare facilities to revise policies. Faculty expertise across the areas of end of life and palliative care; breastfeeding and lactation; spiritual health; faith community nursing; global health; and integrative health practices provide students with diverse opportunities for engagement in research and independent study. Students have presented their scholarly work at local and regional conferences and across the globe in China and Ireland.

Students who meet the criteria of academic excellence and professionalism are invited to join the Professional Nurses’ Honor Society, Sigma, as members of our regional chapter, Xi Kappa Chapter-at-Large. Membership in this organization exposes students to networking opportunities with nurses in all facets of professional nursing practice, resources for continuing education, opportunities for engagement in and dissemination of research, and nurse mentors to assist with discernment of career paths in nursing. 

The Xi Kappa-at-Large Chapter of Sigma Honor Society for Nursing held its annual induction ceremony on Nov. 5 in Jamestown, N.D. Inductees included students from Concordia College; Mayville State University; Minnesota State University Moorhead; North Dakota State University, Fargo and Bismarck; and the University of Jamestown. The Concordia 2017-18 inductees are Emily Goff, Emma Mitzel, Brianna Poppenga, Sarah Quatier, Erik Sneltjes, Taylor Trager, Becca Trunk, and Elizabeth Viergutz (traditional track cohort) and Andrew Olson and Ryan Van Hoecke (accelerated track cohort). Quatier was also a recipient of one of the three Xi Kappa scholarships offered to all undergraduate inductees from the five colleges/universities. The STTI Faulty Counselor for 2017-18 is Dr. Tally Tinjum. Congratulations to our new STTI inductees and scholarship recipient.

Student Nurses' Association

The Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) is an active student-run organization that is open to pre-nursing and nursing students on campus. Student SNA members are also members of the National Student Nurses’ Association. Nearly 100 percent of our nursing students choose to be actively involved by serving on the board, actively participating as members, and providing service hours. Nurse leaders and alumni are invited to meetings to provide updates on summer internship and career opportunities, mentor students in resume writing and interview skills, discuss current health topics and issues, and provide information about advanced degrees in the profession. Service work is the hallmark of this organization with members actively involved in community blood drives, blood-pressure screening, food drives and fundraisers for health-related needs. SNA is a great place to network with classmates about school, service work, and career planning.