Faculty-Student Collaboration

Our faculty members are eager to bring students into their research projects, not as simple assistants but as collaborators. While engaging in active mentoring, faculty seek to enable their students to build research skills and to work independently. In recent years, student-faculty projects have ranged from an investigation into how climate change affects conflict in the Middle East to a study of how local communities can become more sustainable and resilient.

Research that Goes Beyond the Classroom

Most political science courses include a research component, with the aim of progressively training students in the art and science of research. Our faculty embrace innovative ways of enabling student research to go beyond the classroom so that students can gain real-world experience. Students conduct surveys, work with community partners to address problems, and collect data to build useful case studies. Of course, all of our students also have ample opportunity to develop and carry out traditional research projects in the fields of international relations, comparative politics, and American politics.