Find out where you can go in Germany through Concordia's various study away opportunities throughout Germany! Among others, Concordia offers programs in Luneburg, Mainz, Hannover, and Jena.

Federation of German-American Clubs Year Abroad

Spend a year abroad at a German university through Federation of German-American Clubs.

Each year, the German Program is awarded one scholarship by the Federation of German-American Clubs for study at one of about 20 universities in Germany. Qualifications for this one-year scholarship include upper-level coursework in German, good overall scholarship, excellent command of the German language and unmarried status. Returning scholarship recipients agree to spend their senior year living in the German House.

The Federation not only gives money to the students, but provides them with a huge social network. There are arranged weekend seminars for all scholars of the Federation where one can meet not only other students from the U.S., but also German scholars who studied in the U.S. or who are going to study abroad. These seminars bring out many lifetime friendships and serve the good relations between Germans and Americans. Furthermore, the local clubs of the Federation are well-known for their enthusiasm toward the American scholars and are truly interested in their comfort.

Although this scholarship doesn't include any transportation costs, an application for a Fulbright Travel Grant may help cover costs, which includes round trip international travel to Germany and limited health benefits.

To apply for this one-of-a-kind opportunity, talk to Professor Clark.

Freiburg Summer Study Program – Green Germany: Sustainability in the Black Forest and the Alps

This is a May Seminar based in southern Germany with a focus on sustainability.

This program will take you to Southern Germany, France, and Switzerland, in order to understand environmental issues and sustainable living locally, nationally, and internationally. We will visit a solar energy village and a nuclear power plant, understand passive architecture and different modes of public transportation, and meet with members of the Green government in Stuttgart and the EU parliament in Strasbourg. We will also visit a spa, ride bikes along Lake Konstanz, hike the Swiss Alps, and visit some of the beautiful nature in Germany, the Black Forest.