Choosing a college is a big decision.

Incoming freshmen at Concordia College have the advantage of Concordia's four-year graduation guarantee, where every incoming first-year student is put on the right track to get their degree in four years. This guarantee minimizes your college expenses, all while providing support for you to stay on track academically and start pursuing your long-term education and career goals sooner. 

By following the graduation guarantee guidelines, you will be supported to complete necessary coursework to graduate with a Concordia degree on time. Under this agreement, if students follow the graduation guarantee guidelines but do not finish within four years, Concordia will provide course substitutions and/or pick up the cost of tuition for additional coursework.



The Fine Print


  • Enter Concordia as a full-time student.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined in the college catalog.
  • Declare a major by the end of your second semester on campus, and maintain academic eligibility for that major.*
  • Complete all scheduled advising sessions and respond promptly to all communication from academic advisors, the registrar, and Center for Student Success staff.
  • Apply for graduation by the deadline.
  • Guarantee applies to one major** in one academic degree.

* You may change majors and still be eligible if, at the time you make a change, you can still meet the requirements of the new major and graduate within four calendar years.

** Accounting majors who wish to meet the 150 credit hour requirement for CPA are excluded from the guarantee.

Finished in Four (or less!)

Prashansha Maharjan '20

Major/Minors: English-Writing; Business, Religion

Finished In: 4 years

Currently: Audience Engagement Specialist, Forum Communications Co.

Wyatt Lautt '19

Major/Minor: Biology; Chemistry

Finished In: 3.5 years

Currently: Medical Student at UND Medical School

Maddie Howard '19

Major/Minors: Biology; Neuroscience, Psychology
Finished In: 3.5 years 
Currently: Physical Therapy Student at UND

Zahra Banks '20

Major/Minor: Computer Science-Data Analytics; Business

Finished In: 4 years

Currently: Technology Consultant at Metis Strategy

Rylan Drake '19

Major/Minor: International Business; Chinese 

Finished In: 4 years

Currently: Owner of Red River ReCell


Riley Anderson '18

Major/Minor: Communication-Public Relations; Business

Finished In: 3 years

Currently: Customer Relationship Manager at IRD Glass

Kathryn Nicholson '18

Majors/Minor: French and Global Studies; International Studies

Finished In: 3 years

Currently: Master's Candidate at the American University of Paris

Jessica Warzecka '18

Major/Minors: Biology; Chemistry, Spanish

Finished In: 3 years

Currently: Naturopathic Medical Student at Bastyr University 

Grace (Bateman) Ulven '17

Major/Minor: Communication; Business

Finished In: 3.5 years

Currently: Marketing Manager at Limited Liability Company