Concordia College aspires to be a diverse community that affirms an abundance of identities, experiences, and perspectives in order to imagine, examine, and implement possibilities for individual and communal thriving. Critical thinking grounded in the liberal arts compels us to participate in intentional dialogue, careful self-reflection, and honest interactions about difference, power, and inequity. As responsible engagement in the world calls us to recognize worlds that are familiar or unfamiliar, visible or less visible, Concordia will act to increase and support diversity in all areas of college life.

— Concordia College Statement on Diversity, adopted Spring 2018

Commitments and Action Steps

Concordia has made major commitments to increasing the diversity of its student body and to programming that fosters dialogue with those of differing cultures, faiths, and ideologies. These action steps mark a new beginning in our work, not the end of it.


Get to know about what drives Concordia's diversity initiatives and the specific areas of growth we've identified for our institution to truly embody the ideals of diversity that we value.

President's Statement

Our commitment to diversity isn't just talk. Becoming responsibly engaged in the world requires a wealth of backgrounds and experiences that you can't find in any single place or population.

The Road Ahead

Concordia's Chief Diversity Officer, Dr. Edward Antonio, seeks a culture shift in how the college views and engages with diversity.

Sofia Perez '22 on Being a Cobber

I appreciate the emphasis that the college puts on volunteering and the idea of Cobbers helping the community. I have learned so much from my volunteer experiences and I like that it’s so easy for me to get involved.

Innocent Nsengfiyumva ’22 on Being a Community Access Scholar

There are a lot of supportive people who want to see me succeed and they do their best to make sure I am in the best position to do so.