Whitney Latorre, Lauren Walsh, and Ami Vitale spoke at the 2023 Faith, Reason, and World Affairs Symposium.

Though her initial plan faced setbacks, 2023 Projects for Peace Grants awardee Chelsea Masikati managed to overcome challenges to make a lasting change for people in need.

A recent International Potluck event held on campus brought together international students and community members. 

“This is a chance to work with other organizations as well and teach the kids a wee bit of science. The science is cool. Science is fun. And science is not scary.” — Dr. Graeme Wyllie

Cobbers volunteer in Costa Rica pop-up clinic

Alumnus credits Concordia College with being the beginning of his real life. He then reached the top 1% of longest-serving K-12 teachers in Minnesota.

Steinwand is remembered with a memorial run, a special T-shirt, an eco-meditation, and a tree planting.

'The workshop helped me understand the importance of academic discourse in an era of cancel culture.'


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