1. You want a personalized classroom experience.

At Concordia, the student-to-faculty ratio is 13:1. Lectures are planned with conversation in mind and faculty are invested in each student individually. These relationships often carry over outside of the classroom and create an environment where students are free to ask any question and pursue any subject.

2. You want an affordable, liberal arts education.

We get it. College can be a terrifying, expensive path awaiting high school graduates. Student debt and job prospects after graduation are atop the list of priorities when deciding upon a school. Concordia has recognized these concerns by reducing the cost of tuition and will continue to offer financial aid in the form of scholarships, grants, work-study, and loans. Concordia opens the door for a liberal arts education for students of all financial backgrounds because of its commitment to affordability. And in today’s job marketplace, a liberal arts education is especially valuable.

3. You want a supportive community.

“Minnesota nice” isn’t just a saying at Concordia; it’s the way we operate. Whether you’re from out of town or a regular on campus, you’re sure to receive a warm greeting from students as they pass by you on their way to class. As a student, community involvement is a top priority. Whether it’s an athletic teamStudent Government Association, or The Concordia Choir, students have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of activities, all equally supported by the Cobber community.

4. You want to BREW (Become Responsibly Engaged in the World).

From Tanzania and Italy to Colorado and Washington, if you want to travel Concordia has a program for you. With dozens of programs to choose from, spending a year, semester, month, or just a week away is made possible for any student within any major. With Concordia’s tuition match, students can study for the same price they do in Moorhead but in a different country (just add the price of a plane ticket). It comes as no surprise that nearly half of the student body chooses to expand their horizons in a study away program.

5. You want to cultivate your own unique identity.

Concordia is an ELCA-affiliated college and a place of increasing diversity. Current students include all political and spiritual backgrounds. No matter how you choose to live your college life at Concordia, you will be free to live it without scrutiny or judgment. As a Cobber, you are able to form an identity unique to only you and live out that experience as a student of Concordia College.

Bonus: You appreciate corny fun.

With an ear of corn named Kernel Cobb as a mascot, a café called The Maize, and a plethora of other corn-related merch, one must love or be open to loving corn. Corn puns, corn feeds, and corny jokes are rampant across campus and are a staple of the Cobber experience.

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