Matthew Nemer ’24 | Fargo, North Dakota
Major/Minors: Social Studies Education; Spanish, Coaching

Please tell us about yourself.

I am 23 years old and I am from Fargo, North Dakota. I am the youngest of four children, I have two older brothers and one older sister. I went to high school at Fargo Davies where I played soccer, basketball, and track and field. I graduated in 2019.

Why did you choose Concordia?

I chose Concordia because I had heard great things, mostly from my sister who was already attending. Coming in I was a business major, so the business school was very appealing but obviously did not work out. Another big reason was that I would be given the opportunity to continue to play soccer.

What do you enjoy about playing soccer and tennis for the Cobbers?

The easy answer would just be able to continue playing sports. The better answer would be spending time and creating relationships with the teammates I have. Some of my best memories have come from the times I spent with teammates.

What do you most appreciate about being a student-athlete at Concordia?

I very much appreciate the support athletes receive from not only the student body but faculty as well. The professors are great at working with student-athletes who may have to miss classes. They are very accommodating and understanding, so I really appreciate that.

You were recently hired as head coach of the Fargo North girls' soccer team. Having that happen while you’re still in college is a big deal. What was your reaction when you got that call?

I was beyond excited when I first got the news. I did not really have any expectations because, as you mentioned, I am still in school so when I received the news that I got the job, I was very excited and grateful for the opportunity.

How did you first get involved in coaching soccer and what inspired you to start coaching?

My first experience coaching soccer came when I got the opportunity to work at the Cobber youth soccer camp. From the very first day, I enjoyed coaching and helping young athletes get better at the sport. As for my inspiration, I want to be like all of my past coaches who have had a positive impact on my life. I want to be that positive influence and impact on people’s lives.

I want to be that positive influence and impact on people’s lives.”

Can you tell us about your other coaching experience in the community and what it has taught you as an individual?

Another coaching experience I have is coaching U10 boys for Tri-City and junior varsity high school girls soccer. My coaching experience has allowed me to learn to coach from different perspectives so each player can have a better understanding. It has also helped me to learn to have more patience.

How did your time at Concordia prepare you for coaching?

I think that playing soccer for five years at Concordia has allowed me to learn how to be a successful coach. The men’s soccer team has a great coaching staff who focus on players as a whole person rather than just an athlete. I think incorporating that ideology as well as what I have learned about making meaningful relationships and communication skills from being an education major will help me in the future.

Have you had a PEAK (Pivotal Experience in Applied Knowledge) opportunity and, if so, what did you learn?

My PEAK was going to a middle school classroom and having the opportunity to connect with children. From this experience, I was able to learn about classroom management and how to effectively communicate with students. I think this experience was very beneficial as I will use the skills I learned in my future classroom.

What do you value most about being a Cobber?

What I value most about being a Cobber is the sense of community. Concordia has a small student body, which allowed me to meet people with a wide variety of interests. Everyone supports each other and wants each other to find success.

What are you most looking forward to during your senior year?

I am grateful to have another opportunity to play soccer and I am looking forward to starting my student teaching this semester. I am excited to be in a classroom all semester and learn skills that I will be able to use for the rest of my career.

What advice would you give to a high school student who is considering Concordia?

I would tell them about all the different opportunities that Concordia has to get involved with different on-campus groups. They have great opportunities for all majors and have many ways to get involved in the community.

Published January 2024