Concordia is the place you can call home for the next four years. It's a place you will find lifelong friends, ask questions, get answers, and join a community.

Who are we?

Concordia is a liberal arts college that gives you a strong foundation in communication and analytical skills, and prepares every student to go into their career as a versatile worker and a lifelong learner.

The Cobber Community

Spend just a day on campus and it soon becomes obvious - our Cobbers are pretty great. Together, we've built an inclusive environment where anyone can belong. Make friends and connections that will last a lifetime.

Eric Johnson on Concordia

For many years, we have focused on alumni beginning with the day they graduate. The truth is, students are becoming future alumni the day they arrive.

Experience Our Welcoming Lutheran Heritage

As a college of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Concordia is strongly rooted in the tradition of free inquiry and dialogue. 

We believe that faith and meaning are an integral part of the human experience. We welcome students from a variety of faith and nonfaith backgrounds, and we value the diverse perspectives that everyone brings to our learning community.

Stories of Student Life

4 Min Read

Making ‘Metamorphoses’

Nick Schons ’21 is both the director and scenic designer of Oak Grove Lutheran School’s upcoming theatre production of “Metamorphoses.”

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3 Min Read

Environmentally Earnest

Aviskar Giri ’19, a Concordia graduate from Nepal, currently works as a project manager at Fargo Consultants, a Texas-based firm that provides geotechnical engineering and construction materials testing services.

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