Built in 1976 and 1988, Bogstad Manor and Bogstad East carry the name of Rasmus Bogstad, the third president of Concordia College. Each building contains 30 two-bedroom units housing four students each for a total of 120 primarily junior or senior Cobbers.

The college apartments are managed under the same policies and regulations that govern campus housing. The apartments are overseen by a Residence Life professional staff member and two student building managers. All apartments are fully furnished and equipped with a kitchen, which means that participation in a college meal plan is optional.


  • Most apartments contain two bedrooms, a bathroom, living and dining rooms and a kitchen.

  • Apartments are furnished with bunkable beds (80 inches by 39 inches), desks, chairs, living and dining room furniture, curtains, internet access, stove and refrigerator. Additional refrigeration units must be approved in advance.

  • There is a small lounge in Bogstad Manor and a larger lounge in Bogstad East on the third floor.

Other Features:

  • Laundry facilities: Each building has laundry rooms with automatic commercial washing machines and dryers. Ironing boards are available; students furnish their own irons.

  • Exercise facilities: There is an exercise room located on the second floor of Bogstad East with a treadmill, elliptical machine, stair climber, recumbent bike and small dumbbell set. Residents of both apartment buildings may use this facility.

  • Cleaning equipment: Vacuum cleaners and other basic cleaning supplies are located in each laundry room for resident use.

  • Storage room: A limited amount of storage space is available in each building for the storage of seldom-used items. Contact your building manager┬áto make arrangements for its use. You may not store empty boxes or other bulky or hazardous material. The college does not assume liability for items stored in storage rooms. Also, items┬áthat are unmarked or unclaimed for two years will be donated to local charities or otherwise disposed of.

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