North Dakota Scholarship

Students accepted to Concordia College who have at least a 3.0 GPA will be awarded $1,000 annually (for up to four years) – on top of their automatic Excellence Scholarship.

No separate application is required. The award will be added to the total aid package of admitted North Dakota students that meet the criteria.

Please note: This award is not able to be stacked with the National Alumni Gold Scholarship. This award does not apply to students who qualify for the North Dakota Career and Technical Education (CTE) scholarship.

Excellence Scholarship Amounts

Awards are based on EITHER high school GPA or test score – whichever amount is greater. 

ACT Score Award Amount High School GPA
>=30 $12,000








21-23 $7,000


18-20 $6,000


<=17 $5,000


These amounts are for students enrolling at Concordia for the first time in Fall 2022.

Automatic scholarship levels will not be reevaluated after receipt of a comprehensive financial aid package. Excellence Scholarships will be renamed to reflect donor-funded scholarships that align with students’ academic interests.

Talent Scholarships

Talent scholarships range in value and require separate applications (and sometimes, performance submissions). Students selected to receive these awards will be expected to participate in events and programs as determined by the respective departments. 


Apply for a Talent Scholarship:

Music | Speech | Theatre | Visual Arts

Gold Scholarships (10 Awarded)

This $25,000 scholarship is Concordia's most prestigious academic award. If you qualify for this award (it requires at least 3.9 GPA or 29 ACT), you will receive an invitation to apply for it after you're admitted to Concordia.

$500 in Aid

Apply by Nov. 1

Apply by Nov. 1 and receive the Priority Cobber Award – an additional $500 in aid annually.

The North Dakota Scholarship is available to first-year students accepted for Fall 2021 or Fall 2022. It is not available to students accepted prior to Fall 2020.