Anyone who has experienced discrimination, harassment, or misconduct is strongly encouraged to report to the college in order to receive support and assistance, and in order for the college to intervene to stop the behavior and prevent it from occurring in the future.  However, if you are not sure that you want to report to the college, or if you want assistance in doing so, you are encouraged to contact a confidential resource first.

Two types of campus resources are available to support anyone affected by sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct.

Confidential Resources

Individuals may discuss concerns in complete confidence with a confidential resource, so long as the allegations do not involve the physical or sexual abuse of a child or vulnerable adult or the threat of imminent harm to self or others.  Confidential resources include the counselors in the Counseling Center, Katie Nystuen in Health Services, Pastor Dave Adams in the Office of Ministry and Spiritual Life, and the CLV Health Services Manager.

In addition, the college’s Counseling Center staff can assist individuals with obtaining medical, emotional, and other support resources whether or not they decide to report their concerns to the college. Confidential resources must submit non-identifying information about incidents which may be violations of this policy to Concordia Public Safety for purposes of anonymous statistical reporting under the Clery Act.

Counseling services are available at no cost to Concordia students.  Counselors are available Monday-Friday during the academic year.

The Student Health Service is open Monday-Friday during the academic year. Community resources are available on the Student Health Service website.

Pastoral counseling appointments are available Monday-Friday or by appointment.

Bemidji Health Service is staffed by a registered nurse and is open Monday-Friday during the academic year.  The Health Service website also has a list of additional community health providers available to students whenever the Service is closed (e.g., during the summer and most break times during the academic year.

Non-Confidential Resources

All other college employees, including student employees in their work-related roles are required to report to the college any information they receive concerning sex discrimination, sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, even if they are asked to keep the information confidential.

Non-confidential communications are those communications with any college employee who is not a confidential resource as identified above. Only confidential resources can promise confidentiality. All other college employees who become aware of incidents or allegations of sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual misconduct, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, or stalking, must report the matter to the college, even if the complainant requests confidentiality. 

On Campus/Site Confidential Resources

Moorhead Bemidji

Center for Holistic Health
109A Old Main

Sara Morberg –
Madison Schill –
Heather Simonich –
Katie Nystuen –

Office of Ministry and Spiritual Life
202 Knutson Campus Center
Dave Adams –
Kim Adams –
Jon Leiseth –

Health and Wellness
8630 Thorsonveien Rd NE
Bemidji, Minn.



Other Campus Resources

The Title IX Coordinator has the primary responsibility for the college’s efforts to eliminate sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. The Title IX Committee assist the Title IX Coordinator in this responsibility. 

Title IX Coordinator: 
Peggy Torrance
150 Lorentzsen Hall

Title IX Committee: 
Anne Teitelman
101 Academy Hall

Bill MacDonald
Knutson Campus Center Information Desk

Roger Olson
236 Lorentzsen Hall

Stephanie Ahlfeldt
211 Lorentzsen Hall

Rachel Bergeson
104A Memorial Auditorium

Warren Schulze
CLV Bemidji site

Lisa Sethre-Hofstad
101 Academy

Karla Knutson
304 Academy

Leigh Wakefield
127 Hvidsten

A Trusted Staff or Faculty Member:

Sometimes it can be helpful to turn to someone who has provided you with support or assistance in the past when you are confronting a difficult situation. A faculty or staff member might be that person for you. Concordia College faculty and staff are committed to assisting other members of the community who have experienced sex discrimination, sexual harassment, or sexual misconduct. Remember that faculty and staff are not confidential resources.