Our role is to oversee the policies, practices, and procedures in place regarding sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and gender-based violence. We want community members to feel safe and supported. It is our responsibility to ensure that Concordia is in compliance with Title IX as well as other federal and state laws and regulations, including the Jeanne Cleary Act, the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), and the Campus SaVE Act.

These laws and regulations require that Concordia College do the following:

  • Have in place clear grievance procedures for resolving Title IX complaints.
  • Assess, investigate, and respond to complaints of sexual misconduct or harassment.
  • Facilitate a campus climate survey.
  • Provide training for the campus community about compliance, policy, and safety.
  • Coordinate campaigns and programs about awareness and prevention. 

Therefore, Concordia College charges the Title IX Team with carrying out the following:

  • Reviewing data about gender equity and suggesting action where inequity exists in areas including Financial Aid, Student Housing, Admissions, Intercollegiate Athletics, and Compensation
  • Overseeing policies and procedures to ensure college compliance and to foster an ethos of care and respect in all areas of the college
  • Reviewing summary data about incidents and responses in order to evaluate the effectiveness of policies and procedures
  • Implementing training, programs, and campaigns to create a culture of safety and support
  • Advising both the President of the College and the Title IX coordinator on matters relating to compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972

Members of the Title IX Team

Peggy Torrance, Director, Human Resources; Title IX Coordinator

Lisa Sethre-Hofstad, Vice President, Student Development and Campus Life

Roger Olson, Director, Risk Management

Rachel Bergeson, Athletic Director; Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

Warren Schulze, CLV Director of Operations; Deputy Title IX Coordinator 

Anne Teitelman, Director of Student Conduct; Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Stephanie Ahlfeldt, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs; Deputy Coordinator

Erin Koeppe, Assistant Director, Human Resources Talent Management

Bill MacDonald, Director, Public Safety

Kristi Loberg, Program Director/Associate Professor, Social Work


Members of the Title IX team are required to complete this training program.