For students who do not have a diagnosed and documented serious medical condition but desire or require information for other reasons, such as faith-based dietary restrictions or avoidance of specific foods or ingredients based on personal choice (e.g., meat, dairy, gluten, etc.) Dining Services offers a number of resources:

  • Menu Variety: The Dining Services menu committee ensures that an abundance of choices are offered throughout all locations.
  • NetNutrition: Access an online nutritional analysis program available during the academic year that is a convenient way to determine ingredients and an estimated nutritional/caloric value of each meal in Anderson Commons. NetNutrition is available online and through a kiosk in the entrance of Anderson Commons.
  • Education: Dining Services offers educational sessions based on demand throughout the year for students interested in maintaining certain dietary lifestyles while on campus.

If you have menu suggestions or would like to meet with a registered dietitian email

If you have a food allergy or intolerance, please fill out the Dietary Modification Verification form and return it to the Counseling Center and Disability Services office. After verification of your medical need by Disability Services, you will meet with a Dining Services registered dietitian for a consultation and explanation of resources available. Registered dietitians are available to meet with any student with a Dining Plan. The Dining Services staff is also trained on safe food handling practices that prevent cross contamination and is available for questions to assist in food selection.

Students can also use NetNutrition to manage food allergies and intolerances. NetNutrition is an online nutrition analysis program available during the academic year that is a convenient way to determine ingredients and an estimated nutritional/caloric value of each menu item in Anderson Commons. This easy-to-use tool also offers a filter that allows students to remove menu items from their search based on common food allergies.

Concordia College Dining Services makes every effort to identify common allergens and instruct our staff on proper procedures, however all common allergens are present in our facilities and there is always a risk of cross-contamination. It is also possible that manufacturers of the commercial foods we use could change formulations without notice. Concordia College assumes no liability for adverse reactions. Patrons with questions or concerns about allergens should contact Dining Services.

Please report lost Concordia College ID cards to Dining Services immediately. A new ID can be purchased online  for $15 for next day delivery or $30 for same day rush delivery. Please visit MyHousing to request a replacement.

Upperclass students who live in traditional residence halls on campus are required to have a Dining Plan. Traditional residence hall residents, regardless of class status, don’t have access to a full kitchen to prepare meals.

College housing that qualifies for the Sweet Corn and Niblet dining plans include Boe-Olsen Apartments, Bogstad Apartments, Townhouses.

A swipe is included with every Dining Plan and is primarily used to access Anderson Commons. One swipe into Anderson Commons gives you all-you-care-to-eat access to all of the stations. Dining Plan holders may use as many swipes into Anderson Commons per day they choose. 

Flex Swipes are also available and can be used in The Maize to purchase food. One swipe is equivalent to $9 in The Maize. If your purchase exceeds $9, you may use another form of payment to cover the cost. Dining Plan holders may use one Flex Swipes per day in The Maize after Anderson Commons is closed and only on items made in-house. 


The number of guest passes is based on which dining plan you have. Higher dining plans receive more guest passes because those students dine in Anderson Commons more frequently than those with a lower plan.

  • Unlimited: 10 guest passes
  • Gold: Eight guest passes
  • Maroon: Six guest passes
  • Kernel: Four guest passes
  • Cobber: Two guest passes
  • Sweet Corn: No guest passes
  • Niblet: No guest passes


You can enter Anderson Commons as many or as few times per day as you would like! 

Hours for Dining Service Locations

Unused swipes do not carry over from semester to semester. In order to get the best value out of your plan, make sure to check your balance regularly.

Dining plan eligibility is based upon semesters lived on campus. 

You sign up online using MyHousing. If you are living off campus or in on campus apartments, you may add a Dining Plan at anytime during the semester. 

Dining Plan selection should be based on a number of factors, including activity level, distance from home, eating habits (including snacking) and financial considerations. 

Dining Services recommends first-year students consider the Unlimited dining plan for their first semester on campus for the following reasons:

  • Provides unlimited access to Anderson Commons for meals, snacks, beverages and study spaces plus one late night swipe per evening in the Maize or Korn Krib
  • Helps students manage their budget by minimizing trips off campus for snacks and meals
  • Helps students connect with the Concordia community and improve academic success (A 2013 study demonstrated a positive correlation between the frequency students ate together and their GPA and perceived social support. Numerous studies have also indicated a positive correlation between healthy eating habits, which Anderson Commons supports, and academic performance.)
  • Unlimited dining plans eliminate the stress of managing a dining plan balance, which is helpful as first-year students adjust to college life.

Still not sure? Compare dining plans.

The balances of your Dining Plan Swipes, Dining Dollars, Cobber Cash and guest passes can be accessed at any time on the Dining Portal. The Anderson Commons checker can also advise you of your balance at any time.

Unlimited, Gold 255, Maroon 205, Kernel 165, and Cobber 110 dining plans selected for the fall semester automatically renew for spring semester. You can make changes to your dining plan for second semester from the second week of December through the end of the tenth (10th) day of classes during spring semester through the Housing Portal.

Sweet Corn and Niblet plans do not automatically renew for second semester. Students eligible for these plans can purchase them through the Housing Portal any time during the year. 

If you are feeling ill, have a friend or your RA pick-up a sick meal package for you. Two Dining Plan Swipes will be deducted from your dining plan when you arrange to have a sick meal. Each sick meal package has two meals included. Whoever picks up the meal package for you must present your Concordia ID. 

Yes. Travel meals are available to students with the Unlimited Dining Plan. Travel meals will be comprised of nonperishable components selected to provide a satisfying replacement for the meal you will miss. If you will miss an entire day, replacement components for three meals plus a snack will be provided.

In order to receive a travel meal, students must fill out the travel meal request form and submit it to the Dining Services office with their coach or adviser's signature.

Students can increase or decrease their dining plan each semester up to the full semester class add date. These changes can be made online. The first change is free of charge; however, additional changes may incur a $25 fee. After this date, students can only purchase additional 25 meal blocks; they cannot upgrade, downgrade or change to another plan.

To change your Dining Plan for Fall 2020, you must make the change before Sept. 9, 2020. The dates to change your dining plan for Spring 2021 are Dec. 9, 2020 - Jan. 20, 2021. If you want to drop your dining plan, you must come to the Dining Services office during the Dining Plan change period. 

No. Dining plans are for each individual person. Guest passes are included with Unlimited, Gold, Maroon, Kernel, and Cobber dining plans to provide the opportunity to bring guests in to dine with you for free.

Yes, students with a Dining Plan can add Swipes for Anderson Commons or Late Night in the Maize or Korn Krib in increments of 25 anytime throughout the semester. Students can purchase this package online through MyHousing or in the Dining Services office. Students can also add additional Dining Dollars in $50 increments online.

Students on a Dining Plan can add Dining Dollars in $50 increments anytime throughout the year. Funds will be applied to the account 24 hours after the transaction. These transactions are billed to the student’s fee statement. First semester Dining Dollars expire mid-December and second semester Dining Dollars expire on the last day of school.

Unlimited Dining Plan: Refund will be calculated on a percentage based on the week of the semester and Dining Dollars used. No refunds will be issued after the 8th week of the semester.

All other plans: Refund is based on number of Swipes and Dining Dollars used. No refunds will be issued after the 8th week of the semester.

Please contact us at 218.299.3706 or if you have additional questions.