Sign up for a convenient dining plan that meets your needs. Your dining plan can be used at the Anderson Commons, Late Night in the Maize, the Korn Krib or as Dining Dollars.  

Students also have the opportunity to add Cobber Cash, a declining account balance to purchase items on campus, to their ID card. Check the balance of your meal plan, Dining Dollars and Cobber Cash on the Dining Portal.

Student Dining Plans

Between classes, studying and extracurricular activities, you have a lot going on during college. Dining Services plans are designed to offer flexibility and control with seven different plans, plus two options for adjusting your plan during the semester.

Current Academic Year

Academic Year 2024-2025

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Dining Plan and Housing Exemption

2022-24 Dining Plan Agreement

Students who live in traditional residence halls are required to have an on-campus dining plan as their halls don’t have access to a full kitchen to prepare meals. On-campus dining plans are available based on the numbers of semesters spent on campus, regardless of class status (see chart above).

Boe-Olsen, Bogstad Manor, Bogstad East, and the Townhouses are considered off-campus housing and residents of these facilities are able to select from any dining plan, including the Sweet Corn or Niblet.

For more information about dining plans, visit our FAQ section.

Employee Dining Plans

For less than the average meal at a local restaurant, you get delicious salads, main course options, desserts, and beverages. Your dining plan never expires and you can use Cobber Cash to purchase meals in Anderson Commons, The Maize, the Korn Krib and the Coffee Stop.