Using Cobber Cash is easy. Everyone – students, faculty and staff – with a Concordia College ID card already has an account set up. You don't need to get a separate card. To begin using your account, just make a deposit.

Add Cobber Cash

There is a $5 minimum deposit required for Cobber Cash, which can be used at:

  • Anderson Commons
  • The Maize
  • Korn Krib
  • Coffee Stop
  • Concessions
  • Campus Post Office
  • Select campus vending machines
  • Parke Student Leadership Center

Cobber Cash deposits can be made at:

  • Dining Portal (currently unavailable for transactions)

Parents/family can deposit funds into a student's account through the Dining Portal here. The student's ID number and name must be provided. Cobber Cash certificates can also be acquired through Dining Services. 

When you graduate or leave Concordia, any remaining balance over $10 will be refunded, in full, at your request.

Cobber Cash Terms and Conditions