Presidential Scholarship

This competitive scholarship is Concordia's most prestigious award.

Accepted students will be notified of their eligibility and will be asked to attend one of three scholarship dates in order to increase their merit scholarship to $23,000 annually ($92,000 over four years). This is an automatic increase based on attending a scholarship date (Nov. 30, Jan. 25 or Feb. 15), with no competition or application/essay requirements.

Excellence Scholarships

Automatic academic scholarships, ranging in value from $11,000 to $19,000 annually ($44,000 to $76,000 over four years).

In most cases, students will automatically be notified of their award amount based on their academic performance and test scores. Incoming transfer students should see the transfer section for detailed info.

Talent Scholarships

These scholarships range in value and require separate applications and, in some cases, performance submissions.

Students selected to receive these awards will be expected to participate in events and programs as determined by the respective departments.

Music | Speech/Debate | Theatre | Visual Arts

Diversity Scholarships

These scholarships benefit students who have diverse backgrounds or have participated in college access programs.

Students who bring diversity, broadly defined, to Concordia College, are eligible for awards ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 annually ($4,000 to $16,000 over four years). 


College Access Scholarships

Students involved in college access programs such as AVID or Upward Bound are eligible for a minimum of $13,000 annual merit scholarships.

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Application, visit, merit, talent, community, and diversity awards and scholarships from Concordia College will be capped at $27,000. We encourage all families to complete the FAFSA to best inform our Financial Aid Office if you are eligible for additional need-based aid.