Our students from across the globe have outstanding experiences while they are at Concordia College and go on to achieve great things after graduation.

Uyanga Naranbaatar ’22, Mongolia

Uyanga “Soka” Naranbaatar ’22 was the first intern and first international student to work at Dagger Machinery. The company offered to sponsor her for a green card and the mathematical finance major accepted a full-time position as a business development analyst.

Susham Bhujel ’22, Nepal

During his senior year at Concordia, finance major Susham Bir Bhujel ’22 was the chief of staff for the Student Government Association, had an accounting internship, managed his own small business, and accepted a full-time position as a grown analyst following graduation.

Guilherme Saad ’18, Brazil

From days building his marketing skills in the Offutt School of Business to nights building relationships on the basketball court, Brazil native Gui Saad ’18 found his fit at Concordia and shares his advice for making the most of your college experience.

Muhammad Muneer ‘14

Grants Associate, Global Environmental Health Lab

“[By interacting] with many international students, I was exposed to the global ideas and culture needed in the 21st century. My professors and academic experience at Concordia greatly benefitted me personally and professionally. In this dynamic world, we need smart workers who know, beyond technicalities, how to communicate with diverse cultures.”

Baptiste Aufrere ‘15

High School English Teacher

“In the process of becoming a teacher, I decided to come to Concordia to discover the American educational system. I really liked how the professors were easy to talk to. My time at Concordia was like an observatory internship, which prepared me to make my job happen.”

Kenny Ntwari ‘15

Immunology Graduate Student, University of Aberdeen, Scotland

“The work ethic, warmth from teachers and staff, great athletic program and sense of belonging are what I remember most about Concordia. I learned a lot about myself there and grew in leadership, organization and being accountable for my actions.”

Thomas Kjaer ‘14

Account Manager, Johnson & Johnson

“I will remember the tight-knit student community and constant connection with professors. With this base, Concordia prepared me to conduct myself professionally in the business community.”

Sara-Maria Juntunen ‘16

Organizational Communication Graduate Student, North Dakota State University

“Ever since my first email to the International Admission Office, I felt welcomed and like I had to be a part of the Cobber community. Concordia is a safe, caring, and empowering community where all students matter and you are encouraged to be yourself. I was prepared for my future by the holistic understanding of a variety of topics and the focus on becoming responsibly engaged in the world.”